Warehousing and Freight Storage Miami

Smart Freight Storage

Warehousing by Amcar

Amcar offers Freight Storage solutions that support your business’ warehouse needs. Combined with our shipping and distribution services, Amcar simplifies your business process by delivering beginning-to-end logistics. By eliminating a few logistic service providers, you reduce confusion, improve expediency, and retain control of your supply chain in a more compact and controlled manner.

Amcar: #1 Freight Consolidator to the ABC Islands, Central & South America

Attention to detail, fast and accurate information sharing, and flexibility have made Amcar the recognized leader in Freight Consolidation to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Central and South America. Providing smart Freight Storage solutions adds to the value and effectiveness of the service we provide. Amcar offers optimized storage in our 105,000 square foot warehouse. With a variety of storage possibilities available, we manage the logistics involved with inbound goods into our warehouses. And when it’s time to move your product, our team provides efficient, effective outbound logistics. We do more than get the job done. We get it done right and on time. That’s professional service. That’s Amcar.

Flexibility Makes the Difference

Different companies require different storage solutions and Amcar works towards meeting your specific needs, whatever they may be. We offer weekly or monthly storage from our large capacity 105,000 square foot warehouse.

Amcar’s facility is a CFS (Container Freight Station) / Bonded Facility. That means you enjoy all the cost benefits of consolidating LCL (Less-Than-Container) shipments. We can transload IPI containers from ’20s, 40’s, and 45’s into 53′ intermodal containers for additional cost savings and better inventory control. Amcar brings control and efficiencies to freight movement and helps maintain records of shipments, including exporter and importer names, custom agents, origin and destination points, and much more.

Amcar’s distribution services provide online services that keep you connected and informed 24/7/365. With online tracking, you can track the status of your shipments from our Miami, Florida warehouse to all overseas destinations. We employ only the most advanced logistics software, so you’ll always have dependable en-route status reports, allowing you to accurately place the exact location of your shipment at any time.