Customer Reviews


  • Amcar has helped me in the past with last minutes shipments and never fails to meet our deadlines. Very efficient, competitive rates and great customer service.

    Lidia M

  • Very good freight forwarder, they have a great team working there.

    Mauricio C.

  • Very fast to unload very friendly staff. Shipping is around the back off of Northwest 102nd Avenue No overnight parking. They have room for parking but the gate is closed at night.

    Terry T.

  • Awesome customer service. Super Professional & Very Reasonable prices for freight services from FL to ABC islands. To my opinion, very recommended to any serious exporting business in North America (I’m in Canada), who wants to expand to South American & Caribbean region markets. Trustworthy people indeed.

    Bob J.

  • It has been quite some time since I received good customer service coupled with someone actually answering the phone (not a machine but a person) in a long time.

    Since it was my first time working with AmCar-Miami (and it will not be my last …on my second shipment), they were patient and friendly unlike some other places whereas the customer service (who are paid to be in customer service) gets frustrated with you.

    No need to go to that place.

    Thank you Amcar and all of those behind the scene and probably sitting next to you who helped me!!!!

    PKD Duncan

  • Great people. Hi level service. Very polite A+++++

    EZ Quick Transport

  • Excellent service they gave all supplies we needed to finish packing and wrapping all items to be send to Honduras

    Abraham G.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE shipping with AmCar. The staff are so helpful and efficient – usually I am in and out in about 10 minutes, they really know what they are doing and once when I lost my invoice after I had dropped something off, I called them up – spoke to someone who immediately found my invoice (I needed the signed copy) and faxed it to me within 10 seconds of me hanging up the phone. talk about great service! KUDOS AMCAR

    Emily N.