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Freight Consolidation by Amcar Freight

warehouse aisleIf there was one standard size for cargo, shipping would be simple. Unfortunately, few things are that simple. While many companies can fill a standard-sized cargo container, many others cannot. Too many times this results in waiting until you have enough product for a full container load, and too often, waiting simply doesn’t help you meet deadlines, honor commitments, or reach your business goals.

In a competitive global marketplace where consumer demand changes as often as the weather, you need options that allow you to do business in a way that works for you.

Amcar offers Less-Than-Container Loads (LCL). This enables you and other parties to ship even when you don’t have the cargo to fill a container. With our logistical capabilities, we place shipments together for parties who are shipping to a common destination point, enabling us to complete the full container requirement. By sharing a container, you get your goods where they need to be on time. That means you have greater control over inventory management. It also reduces your shipping costs and increases your overall efficiency from start to finish.

In addition, Freight Consolidation offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Cost Control – Since you pay only for what you ship with LCL, you don’t have to cover shipping costs overages, enabling you to keep costs of goods under control…and keep you competitive.
  • Time Efficiency – Since you’re not waiting to fill an entire container, you ship what you need to ship when you need to ship it, thus reducing costly time delays and getting your goods to market sooner.
  • Flexibility & Inventory Control – Lower minimum order requirements means fewer restrictions on how and when you ship. This allows you to maintain lower inventory levels, thus reducing storage costs and/or freeing valuable storage space.
  • Tighter Production Scheduling – By having more flexible shipping options, you can better control production schedules. With weekly sailings, you may even be able to provide as-needed production, thus further reducing the inventory you need to keep on hand.
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance – Shipping cargo rather than using air freight helps you meet your carbon reduction targets

Amcar offers additional value-added services and options to meet your needs, including:

  • Capacity to handle any heavy-lift project
  • Hazardous and Overweight containers
  • Complex and Individual Project Transport from A to Z
  • Carrier Selection
  • Worldwide Customs Clearance

As your Freight Forwarder logistics professional, Amcar coordinates the movement of goods from manufacturers to retail locations, company storage facilities, or directly to your customers. To facilitate providing the best possible service to you, your help in meeting these few requirements and procedures is very important:

Proper marking and labeling of all the boxes, skids, crates, etc with the consignee’s name and overseas destination is very important.  This should include Consignee’s Name, Address, Telephone number, and destination. Also helpful is if you label each box with the piece count (example: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.)

Proper documentation is required for ALL shipments and includes:

  1. Invoice and if possible, include the Packing List
  2. Shippers Export Declaration (if applicable)
  3. Bill of Lading (if applicable)
  4. Banking Documentation (if applicable)
  5. Although we provide Cut-off Times for all destinations, special arrangements can be made by contacting the port manager that handles each destination at our office in Miami, Fl.
  6. Copies of all documentation are forwarded to our agent via email or courier.  Upon receipt of said documents, the agent notifies our consignees, making arrangements for customs clearance and delivery or pickup of goods.  This ensures all necessary arrangements are made before goods arrive at their final destination.

Should you require any additional information or assistance, feel free to Contact Us using our form or give us a call.