Airfreight to Central America or Latin America

Quick, Simple, Dependable

Airfreight by Amcar

office staff working on airfreightUsing an air carrier to ship your goods is an attractive option when time is of the essence. Amcar has made it possible for a multitude of enterprises to extend their markets to the ABC Islands, Central America, and South America, as well many points in Europe by providing eco-friendly, cost-effective, and time-efficient air freight service.

Air Freight opens up opportunities for international trade to smaller and mid-sized companies that otherwise couldn’t participate in these markets. Many companies appreciate the increased level of security afforded by shipping via airfreight as airport control over cargo is so stringently managed.

Airfreight became a vital delivery option in importing and exporting when companies began using it in conjunction with marine, rail, and ground shipping. As trade networks and markets expanded, airfreight became an integral option for businesses throughout all industries. Today, it’s regarded as the most time-efficient method of national and international shipping.

Amcar has the experience necessary to determine the most cost-effective means for using air freight options. We provide daily airfreight to the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as most airports and points in Europe.

Amcar also offers air freight charter service which fills the gap in traditional air shipping. While our airfreight services provide flights to destinations at regular intervals, our charter service is the perfect option when you require a shipment delivery at very specific times. If you require a shipment that’s far from a major city, a scheduled air freight flight may not be the answer. Airfreight charters handle those types of shipments quickly and efficiently.  Trust Amcar airfreight charter service to provide a crucial backup option to meet your shipping needs.

E-Freight Service

For eco-friendly, cost-wise, and time-efficient paperless air freight services, Amcar offers innovative ‘e-freight’ services. With a variety of service and carrier options, you’ll find the right solution for your airfreight needs with Amcar.